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Ex Soldier turned land guard Incites Destruction of Landed Property in Avu Imo State

Since the unknown gun men issue erupted in Imo state increasing the spate of insecurity and lawlessness in the state, the canker worm of corruption has eaten into the social fabric of Imo Society ,no phase of the socio-economic activity is spared that properties with even fence permit from Owerri Capital Development Authority (OCDA) are being demolished by land profiteers in the name of youth levy.

Hoodlums has taken over the work of the OCDA and ministry of lands in Imo State as they demand any amount that comes to mind from innocent citizens and investors that whose crime is buying properties situates in their communities.

Mr. Chima Iwuoha has petitioned the office of the Governor of Imo State, Owerri Capital Development Authority (OCDA),Imo State Police Command over his property that was destroyed by youths in Avu Community of Imo State, after he had paid them half a million naira, which he was given receipt for.

On the 25th of September 2021 Mr. Iwuoha got to his land where he was fencing to find that unidentified youths of the community invaded his property and destroyed parts of the fencing construction that he started for over two weeks and completed on Friday the 24th September.

He placed a call to the community youths and even met them at their meeting point and they promised to help him with investigation to ascertain the culprit, he left home and returned the next day to the site to realize that more destruction has been meted on his property, with a note on the ground telling him that he paid youth levy to the wrong person, he accosted a few passerby that he saw at the scene and one provided him the phone number of Dr. Emmanuel Nlemchukwu who claimed to be a FUTO Lecturer.

In the course of their conversation Dr.Emmanuel told him that he incited the boys that did the act and if he is given more money he can guarantee him of no further destruction on his property, as he is the person that Federal University of Technology (FUTO) Authorised to keep watch over the plots of land in the community , but further investigation revealed that the alleged Dr Emmanuel Nlemchukwu is a former officer in the Nigerian Military whose reason for leaving the army is yet to be ascertained and has been using his military past to threaten people to do his bidding.

From the altercation that ensued from their conversation Dr. Emmanuel Nlemchukwu threatened Mr. Chima Iwuoha that if he steps on the said property to complete the works he should expect the worst. And facts are emerging that the receipt of the about half a million Naira that was issued to Chima Iwuoha was written by Goodluck Nlemchukwu the younger brother of the ex military man,  as the youth levy of almost 500,000 Naira was paid to his private account.

Mr Chima sensing conspiracy of sort between the Nlemchukwu’s has uncovered web of fraudulent activities of land profiteering racket being led by the ex military personnel and has called for attention and intervention of the relevant authorities on the issue, as its being taken up by his  legal team towards proffering solution , as he is concerned about apprehending the culprit as well as being remunerated for the damages caused by Emma Nlemchukwu who self confessed to inciting the youths that perpetrated the action.

The antics and greed of people like Emma Nlemchukwu is costing the state huge revenue as its discouraging investors from coming in to buy lands and even develop those already bought ,which is as well a source of revenue for the state as fencing permits and building permits from the Owerri Capital Development Revenue is one of the vital means of generating internal revenue in the state, Emma Nlemchukwu and his cohorts are slowing the pace of the infrastructural development of Imo as well as denying building material sellers and artisans in the state from sales and employment opportunities thereby perpetuating hardship on innocent Imo people.

” I have to make it public that Mr.Emma Nlemchukwu in a conversation that he had with my friend has threatened my general well being and causing damages of over 500,000,00 on my site,demanding for more money aside the half a million naira paid to the youths of the community which he confirmed to be in the know of,i want to follow the full course of the law and want the authorities that i petitioned today,to join in the course to ensure that i get my justice and have him foot the bill for the reconstruction of my demolished property” embittered Iwuoha said

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