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Governor Uzodinma: The Enemies In A Pit, Still Digging


By Debo Oladimeji   

From the posture and body language of the former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha at the APC headquarters in Abuja recently it does appear that Senator Rochas still sees himself as the Governor of Imo state. Or maybe he is still pretending not to know the stuff Governor Uzodimma is made of. Many still wonder why he is deceiving his supporters that he would control the party in Imo from outside  when there is a capable Governor Hope Uzodimma in charge of the state .

Many chieftains of APC in Imo State are worried of some people who always like to fish in troubled water.  In few weeks from now, the party will embark on congresses yet Okorocha is still taking about a Daniel Nwafor who does not exist before the party.

 “Please let somebody reach out to the ex Governor and advise him to stop heightening his BP with all these infantile and deceitful political gerrymandering. Let him consider either remaining in the party and comporting himself honourably or quitting the party completely.”

 He said that he should not over step his boundary or taste the anger of the party.

“Afterall, we all saw how he managed and mismanaged the party when he was Governor in this state to the point that he so emasculated the party that in 2015 he took the Governorship ticket, locked it inside his cupboard, went to Abuja, contested Presidential election and came back to take back the Guber ticket after he failed without any challenge.

“Even Daniel Nwafor’s emergence during the period of  his hegemonic control of the party was quasi. We knew how he transmuted himself to a purported state Chairman. Senator Okorocha should not interrupt the smooth movement of the party under Barr Marcon Nlemigbo as the state Chairman with Governor Uzodimma as the state leader. Doing otherwise might attract the big stick.”

 He regretted that the former governor of Imo state together with a handful of personalities loyal to him visited the headquarters of APC in Abuja apparently to protest their self inflicted dislocation from the party. At the end of the meeting, Sen Okorocha addressed the press wherein he made statements that one would ordinarily find it difficult to understand his direction because his speech lacked full comprehension.

 “First, I want to advise Okorocha to try and apply the wisdom of a reverse gear. If a man finds himself in a pit as is his case currently, he should stop digging further. Going to National headquarters of the party to make a show of himself before the National Television shows that he is still not at home with the reality but rather prefers to continue to play to the gallery. Instead of looking for a way to overcome his empty pride and go and revalidate his membership of the party which he is yet to do including few of his remaining supporters, he is embarking on an excursion to APC National party office to talk about a Daniel Nwafor’s nonexistent Chairmanship.”

 He continued: “Infact, when he was talking, I saw the face of a man  who is emotionally downcast and politically confused. I saw a man who may have found himself in a cross road. I could see a man who has tried all his tricks but none worked out including attempt to decamp to PDP but met a brick wall. I considered him as a man who tasted the depth of a River with his two legs and got drowned but instead of seeking for help, got himself splashing water thereby getting his situation exacerbated.”

However the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, His Eminence, Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, has said that the emergence of Hope Uzodimma as Imo state governor, could only be possible by God’s making.

This was Ayokunle’s statement while delivering his homily at the Imo prayer summit for peace, held at Heroes Square in Owerri.

The CAN President said it was for this reasons among others that any plot against the Uzodimma’s administration would be subdued.

He said: “Storm came and storm will go. The part way to lasting peace, when a situation like this arises what do we do, always prepare to step up to the high ground under the guidance of God.

“Let me tell you this, before you take any step or action hear the voice of God, and you don’t reject the voice of God. I say this because, you are a miracle governor. You’re coming as governor, was as a result of God’s decision. So, you are a miracle governor. That is why any step taken against you will be subdued because your coming as governor can only be possible by God.”

“For you to continue to stand you have to stand strong. Calling on God always is a part way to victory. Everybody must eschew violence. Everybody in Imo State should join hands together to say no to violence,”CAN President said.

Responding, the Imo State governor, Hope Uzodimma, said: “My heart is full of joy for making the days event possible. The events of last few months has characterised Imo State to violence, almost making the state to become a threatre of war, we cried to Almighty God and he answered us.

“So when CAN approached me for this I bought it into it whole and tight, I have come to be governor of Imo State because I asked God to make me governor and I pledged to God that if he makes me governor I will move Imo state to to the next level and God has made me Governor and it is left for me to do my part.”

“But we are determined and focused, those who thought we could not do it and lived in the day of the past are still living to testify the quality governance we have provided to our people,”Uzodimma said.

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