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Leadership by Example: The Ingenuity of Chief Charles Orie in ISOPADEC.

The finesse which Gov Hope Uzodinma has shown in the area of appointments is commendable. A cursory look at heads of statutory agencies of the government bears considerable testament of the excellence the governor attaches to the appointment of his lieutenants.

Some years ago, a certain notable Nigerian governor made a speech while inaugurating a new cabinet to the effect that ideal appointees should possess the twin virtues of political sagacity and technical know-how of the area they are overseeing.

The appointment of politician-technocrats is therefore imperative for any governor in order to bridge the gap of leadership and technical savvy. It is noteworthy that most so-called technocrats find it difficult to provide leadership, leading to failure in realizing core mandates.

Gov Uzodinma’s appointment of Chief Charles Orie (Akuatuegwu) to oversee the Imo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (ISOPADEC) was widely greeted with encomia by stakeholders and observers in the oil producing region of Imo State.

He was rightly described as a square peg in a square hole. Essentially, the persona of Chief Charles Orie going by his noble antecedents was described as a politician-technocrat. For instance, Chief Orie’s political sagacity and technical acumen in the developmental economics of the oil producing regions of Nigeria, especially those of Imo State, is unparalleled.

Chief Charles Orie fundamentally met a commission in disarray; with huge deficit in meeting developmental goals. Literally, he met an agency of government that only served as a conduit for the Chief Executive of the state at the time. Then, there was an over-bloated workforce that remained largely unmotivated, with ghost workers outnumbering genuine workers. This grim narrative has today been changed by the Chief Charles Orie led ISOPADEC.

Today considerable sanity has been restored to ISOPADEC hence the commission has been regularly meeting its basic mandate of developing the oil region of Imo State. This is with the view of aligning the region to the ideals of the Shared Prosperity Agenda of His Excellency, Dist. Sen Hope Uzodinma.

Calm and calculated, Chief Charles Orie is your ideal politician. He easily feels the pulse of the people under him. He has a way of psychologically reaching out to them in such a way that will have a lasting effect on them. Chief Orie practically leads from the front and not the back. This makes him a pace setter and path finder. So when he tells you the dynamics and nuances in the oil producing region of Imo State, you will understand that a frontline leader is speaking.

 Remarkably, Chief Charles Orie is versatile with the developmental strategy of curbing the menace of restiveness and under-empowerment in the region. He has also devised practical and credible steps aimed at realizing the plan. This effectively makes him a technocrat par excellence.

There may no doubt remain some rough edges that need to be cleared. This is natural as life itself does not present a flawless or perfect situation all the time. But with the political sagacity and technical savvy which Chief Charles Orie has shown in the business of administering ISOPADEC, only time will tell the ensuing flurry of success stories. Long live the Imo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission.  

Ugochukwu Iwuji ( is public opinion analyst and writes from Owerri.

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